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The ECPO is a European organisation consisting of national advocates from across 24 countries. Our aim is to support the national associations and collaborate as one strong united voice. Here you will find more information on the support available in your country. This may range from a patient association and/or scientific association, to highlighting the work in your country in the obesity area. Please scroll down to find out more from the patient representatives for your country and engage with them via their email or social media for further information.

Obesity in Slovakia

In Slovakia, 25% of the adult population (over 1 million people) are living with obesity and more than 1/3 of the population is overweight.

5% of children suffer from obesity, 12% are overweight, children have the option of treating obesity through their pediatrician and endocrinologist, or other specialists. Obesity treatment for children is covered by public health insurance.

General practitioners, diabetologists, internists and endocrinologists are treating diseases associated with obesity.

For people living with obesity there is evidenced based information for patient and public available from the following websites: ,, .

Obesity has not yet been recognized as a disease.

As of November 2020, the ECPO Slovak representative Hana Vrabcova has recieved the appointment from the Minstry of Health in Slovakia to work as a member of the working group on  Prevention of Endocrinological and Matabolic Diseases.

If you wish to learn more on Hana’s work in Slovakia, please see her profile below and the organisation she works with above for further information.

Country Representatives

Patient Organisations

The Slovak Republic has an organization that is available to support people who are living with obesity :
SKLON ( Slovenská koalícia ľudí s obezitou a nadváhou)


Since the launch of Slovak coalition of people with obesity and overweight, we have achieved so much. As a first aid team, we’ve organised EOD 2019 and WOD 2020 for the first time as preventive events in pharmacies. We give lectures on obesity, measure body composition at various events free of charge, write information and articles in the media, organise weight loss courses and Pilates exercises. We also give lectures on obesity, measuring body composition at various events free of charge, information and articles in the media, weight loss courses and exercises.


Professional Organisations

In Slovakia there are professional organisations that bring together experts and doctors who treat obesity diseases.

Slovak Diabetological Society – Obesity Section (SDS),

Slovak Obesity Association (SOA),

Healthy Nutrition Counseling Center for the Health Promotion Counseling Center at the Regional Public Health Offices (ÚVZ SR)

Scientific organization : the Biomedical Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (  is a scientific organization that deals with the treatment of obesity, among others.

Country News

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