Representatives spanning 30+ countries, play a pivotal role in championing the resources and needs of the European patient obesity community.


An advocate for obesity is an individual or organization that actively works to raise awareness, promote understanding, and drive positive change in the field of obesity. These advocates focus on addressing the challenges faced by people living with obesity, as well as Addressing stigma associated with the condition. They may engage in various activities, such as public awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and policy advocacy to create a supportive environment for those affected by obesity.

Obesity advocates often collaborate with healthcare professionals, policymakers, communities, and other stakeholders to influence public perception, shape policies that address the unique needs of individuals with obesity, and encourage initiatives that promote healthier lifestyles. The goal of obesity advocacy is to foster empathy, inclusivity, and improved healthcare outcomes for individuals living with obesity.

An advocate for obesity can be a patient, or person with the lived experience, a care giver, family member, or someone championing the cause for people living with the disease.

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