ECPO are committed to ensuring all complaints are investigated and a full response supplied where required.

The European Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ECPO) represents the voice of individuals who are affected by obesity within Europe


ECPO is a patient led organization working collectively to educate and empower individuals who are living with and affected by the chronic disease of obesity within Europe. We are committed to maintaining honesty and integrity while safeguarding trust and confidentiality, given the nature of the service provided. Complaints will be dealt with on a confidential basis, with information shared on a ‘need to know’ basis only.

Management of Complaints

Notification of a complaint shall be responded to within one week.

Complaints shall be investigated within 6 weeks.

If an extension to the investigation period is required, all parties shall be notified in advance.

All complaints and their outcomes shall be recorded in our formal Complaints Log.

We recommend that issues are addressed as soon as possible, and all complaints should be made within 28 days of the issue you wish to make the complaint about.

The way we handle your personal information is detailed within our Privacy Policy, which can be found here:

Should you wish to complain about the way we handle your personal details, please contact using the webform below.

To make a complaint, fill out the form on this page, or by email to:[email protected]

Complaints Process

  • Level One complaints may be resolved orally and immediately.
  • Level Two complaints should be made in writing using the attached on-line complaint form to facilitate this process.
  • Any complaint made against a member of the board or executive will be handled as a Level Two complaint.

While one person may investigate a formal written Level Two complaint; adjudication of the complaint should be processed by the Chair (or Vice-Chair if appropriate). It may also be decided to consult the entire board on the findings and any required action.

If the board is investigating a specific complaint against a member of the board or executive, the member should be briefed in advance of the complaint and the identity of the complainant. They should also be provided with an opportunity to defend themselves, and to have representation if preferred. An exception could occur if the Chair had agreed to a request for confidentiality to shield the identity of the complainant and/or, it was felt that special circumstances applied because of the nature of the complaint.

A complaint against the Chair would be adjudicated by the Vice-Chair.

Anonymous claims shall be assessed by the Chair (or Vice-Chair if appropriate) to decide if they require investigation.

Criminal investigations may require confidentiality surrounding both the complainant and in certain circumstances the nature of the complaint.

If a complaint is upheld and action is taken, the complainant will be advised in writing. The result shall be recorded in the formal complaints log. The privacy of all parties shall be protected.

If a complaint does not raise a genuine concern over conduct it can be dismissed without further investigation. The decision would still be recorded in the complaints log, and all parties would be notified without any breach of privacy.

Reasons for dismissing a complaint could include the following:

  • the allegations are frivolous
  • the allegations cannot be substantiated
  • the allegations, even if true, do not constitute inappropriate conduct

If upheld, a complaint could warrant the following actions:

  • apology and explanation
  • recommendation for change
  • reprimand
  • training
  • suspension or removal

A Complaints Appeals Committee shall assess challenges to complaint findings and / or actions. The committee shall conclude additional investigations within 3 months and their decision will be final.

  • EASO ECPO aims to educate and empower individuals who are living with and affected by the chronic disease of obesity within Europe.

    We are always trying to improve what we do and welcome all feedback – good and bad. If you have a complaint to make, please supply as much information as possible to help us with our investigation.

    Your information will not be passed to anyone outside EASO ECPO but we will need to contact you directly, with your prior consent, in order to resolve your complaint.

    1. What date did the event occur?
    2. Tell us what happened
    3. How would you like this issue to be resolved?
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