World Obesity Day – Slovakia

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Slovakia, WOD-Europe 2021

The Slovak Coalition of People with Obesity and Overweight has developed a project in association with the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Society of Practical Obesity, the Slovak Nordic Walking Association, STOB lecturers, Phoenix, Kompava, and sports instructors.

  1. In the week from 19.2. – 25.2.2021 is a 5 times a day report on obesity on TV Bratislava, where I talk about our project and the issue of obesity.
  2. Friday 26.2. begins “Week of overweight and obesity prevention”, within this week there will be a new article every day about the roots of obesity and its prevention at,

At the same time, an online call “Let’s move healthily – stop sitting” will be published, every day on a different type of exercise (Nordic Walking, Salsa, Pilates, yoga, health exercises, aerobics, exercises for seniors).

  1. Webinar 25.2.2021 at 6 p.m. on “What we know about obesity and its consequences for our health” with the participation of experts and a speech by Vicki Mooney.
  2. On Saturday we organize a free Nordic Walking mini-course.
  3. On 4.3.2021, STOB instructors offer online advice on nutrition and obesity prevention free of charge (measuring body composition is not possible due to strict epidemiological measures due to Covid-19).
  4. Since January, the Czech educational project Challenge 52 has been published on, awarded as the best educational project for the public.
  5. Personally, I am most pleased with the translation and preparation for the printing of a unique publication by D. Durrer, Y. Schutz Obesity Management.

It will help us all, doctors, obesity professionals, health professionals and politicians to defend obesity as a chronic disease that needs to be treated and effectively prevented.