Patient Spotlight: Meet Hana Vrabcová from Slovakia

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Advocate Spotlights, Slovakia

We are pleased to introduce Hana Vrabcová, new member of the EASO ECPO from Slovakia.

My name is Hana Vrabcová, I have studied pharmacy and law in Bratislava, I worked in various positions in health care and later I set up a private health center, where I work with a daughter who is also pharmacist. Apart from pharmacy, I am interested in the challenge and healthy eating habits and their relationship to overweight and obesity.

Where I live

I came from Brno in the Czech Republic and after graduation at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Comenius University in Bratislava I graduated also at the Faculty of Law. Since I live in Bratislava, I have a son and daughter and 3 grandchildren.

Bratislava is a very nice capital of the Slovak Republic, located in the heart of Europe. By population is it the highest city in Slovakia, says “Beauty on the Danube”. It is the only capital city in the world that lies on the borders of three states, neighboring Austria and Hungary.

The interesting dominant feature of Bratislava is the Bratislava Castle and the St. Martin’s Cathedral. We are proud about Slovak mountains, the High Tatras, their nature offers a wide range of leisure activities in summer or winter, and they allways charge me with positive energy.

Favourite things

I like reading, especially books about nutrition, I am attending a conferences with this focus. I like to travel and explore new landscapes, their culture, art, people and nature. I admire Japanese gardens and grow bonsai. I like relaxing by listening to classical music, in Bratislava is every year the festival of  music , performing artists from all over the world.

Personal experience with obesity

I have had problems with my weight since my childhood, my grandmother was greatly cooking and baking cakes, and I had to eat everything that was on the plate. I was aware of my overweight, and when I was 17, I earned and paid the money for loose weight course , and then I kept the diets.

While studying pharmacy in Bratislava I lived outside my home and away from my grandmother’s kitchen. I ate at boarding school, and I lost 15 kg. After wedding I took care about my family and business and I got a total 40 kg on.

It started my health problems.  When I saw overweight patients,  obesity was aggravated by their health, increasing the use of blood pressure medications, cholesterol, diabetes, and how they suffered, I was terrified.

I did not want to take medication for pressure and was aware of my obesity, I wanted to lose weight and deal with my unhealthy lifestyle and recovery.

That is why I graduated from the course of nutrition counseling in the Czech Republic, bought a multifunctional diagnostic device inbody 270. With the experience I have gained, I set up a Health and Counseling Center where the body composition and nutritional counseling are done, and we have an internet and FB site about our activities.

I gradually dropped the weight by 17 kg, but it is a problem to keep it,but  my blood pressure is in the norm now.

In 2014, I completed a course in cognitive behavioral approach to STOB overweight and obesity and became a lecturer. Since last year I have worked closely with the Czech organization STOB and its founder PhDr. Iva Málková. Its program of healthy weight reduction by altering nutritional and movement habits, along with a change of mindset and the use of a psychological approach to weight loss, is exceptional and very beneficial.

I created a website and eshop, where we inform patients about our activities, knowledge and experience in the treatment of obesity. I write articles on this issue on websites and in the media and lectures.

Supporting the interests of  patients now and in the future

I am a new member of the ECPO and I am very pleased that  the group has accepted me and I can represent Slovakia here, on proposal of Lubica Fabryova, the president of the Obesitological Section of the Slovak Diabetes Society, of which I am a member and also I am a member of the newly created Slovak Obesitological Association.

I am a member of the healthcare organizations and as the pharmacist is helping and healthcare profession, my goal is to help patients who are overweight and living with obesity to improve their health.

At the same time, I want to raise awareness among citizens of Slovakia about prevention, health education and education in the treatment of obesity through social media and counseling centers of health.

I want to help build a comprehensive care infrastructure for obese patients that is lacking in Slovakia and to build a healthy lifestyle infrastructure.

I know that these are difficult tasks, but I am convinced that with your help and the experience of colleagues I can handle them and  help our pat