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Obesity in Slovakia

In Slovakia, 25% of the adult population (over 1 million people) are living with obesity and more than 1/3 of the population is overweight.

5% of children suffer from obesity, 12% are overweight, children have the option of treating obesity through their pediatrician and endocrinologist, or other specialists. Obesity treatment for children is covered by public health insurance.

General practitioners, diabetologists, internists and endocrinologists are treating diseases associated with obesity.

For people living with obesity there is evidenced based information for patient and public available from the following websites:,,

Obesity has not yet been recognized as a disease.

As of November 2020, the ECPO Slovak representative Hana Vrabcova has recieved the appointment from the Minstry of Health in Slovakia to work as a member of the working group on Prevention of Endocrinological and Matabolic Diseases.

If you wish to learn more on Hana’s work in Slovakia, please see her profile below and the organisation she works with above for further information.

Country Representatives

Patient Organisations

Organisations are available to support people who are living with obesity. The organisations available offer educational events (on site and virtual), Brochures and magazines, support for local self help groups which in turn serve patients.

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Scientific Organisations

Scientific organisations that specialise in the treatment of obesity by supplying information on research and setting the guidelines for the treatments available.

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