World Obesity Day Ireland Online

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Ireland, WOD-Europe 2021

The Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ICPO) alongside with the Association for the Studies of Obesity (ASOI) are hosting World Obesity Day Ireland Online.

This be hosted from 7pm-8.30pm GMT and will follow the theme of Addressing Obesity Together.

It will consist of three pre-recorded segments with a live host introducing in between.

Part 1 Reflections

Sees people living with obesity sharing their concerns, including those related to Covid-19 and Obesity. We have healthcare providers from various sectors responding briefly with their thoughts on these concerns.

Part 2 Roundtable Q&A

We brought together a roundtable discussion of leaders of both Irish and European organisations and services.

Professor Donal O’Shea Clinical lead with the HSE, Professor Carel le Roux of Irspen, Grace O’Malley of RSCI, Dr. Michael Crotty were joined by our European colleagues Euan Woodward of EASO and ECPO Executive Director and ICPO Board member Vicki Mooney. Chaired by ICPO Susie Birney and ASOI Jean O’Connell.

Part 3 Looking Beyond Weight

Sees people living with obesity sharing their final reflections about world obesity day and showing how they have lives, that they are more than their weight. To raise awareness they are People First.

In total we had 20 healthcare professionals, 50 people living with obesity, 2 medical student groups all come together and work to Address Obesity Together.

To join the event click on this link at 7pm GMT

On world obesity Ireland will see the launch of the new model of care.

Also the launch of the new online Childhood and Adolescent Obesity Education Course for Health Care Professionals.

There is a new section on the HSE website dedicated to obesity here :

We encourage people to contact us through #WODIreland and @icpobesity and @ASOIreland