World Obesity Day – Czech Republic

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Czech, WOD-Europe 2021

Czech Republic plan week long programme of events to celebrate World Obesity Day Europe 2021

1. Online conference March 1st. We have seven speakers covering six topics

  • Deputy of Ministry of Health and association founder will speak about obesity and health
  • Lenka vymlatilová (ECPO) will speak about people who have lost weight and successfully maintain their weight  – what they have in common?
  • Eva Chocenská (nutrition therapist) will speak about pros and cons of fashin diets
  • Jana Boučková (nutrition therapist) will speak about reading food packaging and nutri score system
  • Petra Šrámková (obesitologist) will speak about medical and bariatric care in our Republic
  • Petra Mocová (psychologist) will explain the role of psyche in weight loss and introduce participants to the technique of imagination

2. Movement online activities for people with more pounds March 1st – 7th

Everyday we offer online movement activites. Because of the coronavirus indoor activities are closed almost whole years. We offer online movements with lectures who know how people with more kilos can train and not hurt themselves.

3. Our experts offer body analyses 

In twenty town in our Republic our specialist offer body analyses and short education. This life event is likely to be moved to individual dates, the epidemiological situation is worse and worse in our Republic.

Since december 2020 we infor media intensively about the WOD and we published lots of articles.

If you have possibility of translation from czech language, all information are here: