Orley Andreasson, Sweden


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Hello, my name is Orly, I’m 24 years old, I’m from Sweden. I’m here today at EKO 2015 and I had a little showing of a movie called Thank You From Heaven. It’s a story about a guy named Colin and his life, being obesity and being bullied.

It’s a reality story, it’s been shared many times and we’re doing a lecture on it. I’m traveling in Sweden to show it to different people, mostly schools, mostly grown-ups, they want to see the movie and yeah, it’s a project, it’s a project. I’m the chairman of I Heart Project in Sweden and we’re doing a lot for the children.

I’m working with the children and the youth. I’m also a part of Hobbs, it’s health of every size. We’re working with the grown-ups, we’re working with the children, we’re working on the whole perspective of obesity and how we’re not focusing on the weight problem, we’re focusing on getting moving and getting social and we’re working on people should feel better and not be alone.