Ken Clare, UK


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Hi, my name is Ken Clare, I’m from Liverpool, UK, and I’d first of all like to start my talk by thanking EASO very much for the opportunity to record this webcast. This is the third European Congress I’ve been to, I’m a member of the Patients’ Council and I’m finding that the work we’re doing is proving valuable in making a big difference. I have a very personal interest in obesity, obviously I’m still obese now, but in 2002 I undertook a gastric bypass, I lost maybe 16 stones, that’s probably 120 kilos, maybe more, and my life changed beyond all recognition.

Before the surgery I was immobile, I couldn’t look after myself for even basic care needs, I had to rely on my wife for everything. Since the surgery my life’s changed beyond all recognition, several comorbidities is the word the doctors use, like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and all those things have gone, and I set up a charity in the UK to help people to get information and support about weight loss surgery and their options around surgery. I believe that patients’ choice and informed patients make better choices, I think all the research suggests that.

I think the ASO is leading the way with the set up of Patients’ Council and I hope that the local national organisations will continue as well. It’s interesting as well in that I’m a nurse, I worked in bariatric surgery after my operation for a few years, and now I’m working on a project helping people to get the best out of their bariatric surgery. I think that’s all I’m going to say today because my mother always told me people want more.