French weight loss surgery patient – French


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What I really hope for this day is a benevolent look from the population on people who are obese. Really benevolent. And to say to those who are affected by obesity, to say to themselves, to get closer by saying to yourself, instead of staying locked up in myself, I can maybe find out what are the solutions that are clean for me.

With my lifestyle, with my imperatives, how can I evolve in this direction? But to stay globally in a benevolent message and to say to oneself that the decision makers have duties to apply and that there are a whole bunch of people who are there to work in this direction, to work in the well-being of the population. For the European Obesity Day, we have our website, which is, on which we will put all the partners who will be present and especially all the actions that will be carried out everywhere in France. So we have our 30 associations that will do things, we have the 37 centers of the obesity plan that are part of the presidential plan that will do things, and we have a lot of establishments around that will work.

So France is working on two days, Friday and Saturday. Friday because the health institutions are open, so in fact it is easier to work with the medical corps, and Saturday more for the associations, because indeed people are free on Saturday and not especially on Friday. So everything will be readable on the CNAO website.

We invite you to go for a tour and above all we love you.