European weight loss surgery patients – English


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European Obesity Day has got to be a great opportunity to educate not just the policy makers and the healthcare professionals, but perhaps the general public in recognizing that this isn’t somebody to mock as they walk down the street or make very derogatory comments from and people who are obese have all experienced this. I promise you every single one of them experienced it. So maybe if something comes out of it, maybe just one less person being mocked, I think would be a good thing.

I really hope other people that are obese don’t feel alone and can relate to my story and know and realize that there is a solution. And I also hope very much that every government and politicians can see obesity as a disease because it’s necessary and then everybody can help obese people. It’s a very important day because I hope with my story that I can reach one person who did what I did to make her life better, quality of life better.

Then I reach my goal. So coming up we have European Obesity Day on the 21st of May 2016, which is an excellent opportunity for many people around Europe to, I suppose, open their hearts, their minds and say, right, let’s drop the stigma about obesity and let’s move towards people who are role models, people who are out there, who are struggling every day and say, right, they’re fighting for a healthier future for their children, like many people like myself are.