Dutch weight loss surgery patient – Dutch


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What I think is important about the European obesity idea… is that there is openness, that there is even more attention to the fact that it is a disease. And that is indeed not just a self-indulgent story. That you see people more behind the person, the obese person.

And knowledge makes power. And if you have more knowledge, you may become better behaved. And that openness seems to give openness to the whole of Europe.

What I would like to see in the European obesity idea… is that openness comes and that people will realize that obesity is a disease. And behind every obese patient, or patient, person on the street… not only think that he has eaten too much, but there is often a whole story behind it. And a disease.

And even though this day may end, or maybe only one person would take the step… to a healthy life, by undergoing an operation… I would have already helped them. I would be happy with that.