Bjorn Brusgatis, Germany


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My name is Björn Bruscatis and I will talk about the treatment situation for patients after a bariatric surgery. It is important that patients after a bariatric surgery are closely monitored with regular, closely monitored appointments, in order to prevent them from falling through a raster. Not always is an operation successful and leads, even as the last option, to the really necessary success.

In order not to let these patients fall through the raster and simply to let them disappear from the plan, it is important to create a close-knit and really binding concept, in which they can observe the follow-up appointments, in order to then really get a good treatment. This treatment does not only have to be purely related to the operation, but it must include nutrition and it should also, very importantly, include a psychological treatment. The psychological part is the part that the patient should actually have already taken in advance, but which is unfortunately often neglected.

It is the case that the psyche is the most important part, because the head is not captured by the operation. The patient must be closely monitored, psychologically. In my opinion, a therapy is indispensable.

Because only when the psyche plays along, can the operation lead to success. The operation for the patient only serves as a tool on the way to success and this success can only be given if the psyche is right. That is why it is a very important part, which has unfortunately been neglected a lot so far.

Of course, besides the psyche, the physical way is also important, so that the operation is closely monitored, but which can be neglected over time. Nutrition counseling is just as important as the psyche. It must be ensured that the patient learns to eat properly and does not fall into any traps, in order to then be able to get out of it and to narrow down the success.

Only in this way can a narrow-minded concept, which is based on three pillars, lead to success. And then the last way out operation is really leading to success.