The European Coalition for People with Obesity (ECPO) Joins the New Global Obesity Patient Alliance.

by | Mar 12, 2020 | News

Wednesday 4th March, saw the launch of a new organisation which looks to provide a unified voice of obesity organisations from around the world.

The Global Obesity Patient Alliance (GOPA) is dedicated to igniting and inspiring global change for people living with obesity. As a member, ECPO will be working with GOPA collaboratively and passionately to increase advocacy to amplify the voices of individuals with obesity across the globe.

Recognising a mutual desire and need to form a unified patient voice, GOPA was formed with the goal to impact global change for people living with obesity. United by their dedicated focus on growing the voice of the patient around the globe, GOPA’s six founding members, consisting of representatives from North American and European obesity patient organizations and three independent founders, support each other and encourage other obesity patient organizations to join the collective effort.

Representing our Patient Council, which is made up or organisations from 20 European Countries, ECPO are excited to be part of worldwide fight to represent people who are living with the chronic disease of obesity. This will be in a unified drive to fight obesity and its many related issues, such as weight bias and stigma, limited access to care and more.

Together, GOPA and its member organisations are focused on information sharing through collaboration, fostering advocacy around the globe and amplifying the voice of the patient with obesity on a global scale. To learn more about GOPA, please visit