Hanen Samouda

Hanen Samouda

I live with obesity since my childhood. With colleagues and friends from Luxembourg, we are currently establishing a national obesity association for the patient’s advocacy and representation.

We aim to address the rights of people living with obesity to be treated with respect, without weight discrimination, to access to evidence-based treatment resources, among others. Through knowledge dissemination, education and a patient-centred research, we aim to communicate about obesity as a complex multifactorial disease with its several root causes.

I work as a researcher in obesity and body composition, clinical epidemiologist (Luxembourg Institute of Health). The focus of my research activities is, among other, on the development of easy to use tools to diagnose obesity through body composition, which enables a personalised approach for obesity management.

I recently developed a “Visceral Fat Calculator” for adults, an online tool providing an accurate and easy evaluation of the visceral fat depot, major risk factor for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc.: visceralfatcalculator.lih.lu

This calculator is accessible online and easy to use by everyone who want to monitor visceral adiposity (general population, health care providers).

I am very happy to join the European Coalition for People living with Obesity, ECPO, a very enthusiastic and energetic team.

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