Hana Vrabcova

Hana Vrabcova
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  • Bratislava, Slovakia
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My name is Hana Vrabcova , I am a pharmacist and I work in the pharmacy Hygeia in Bratislava. I am interested in nutrition and healthy eating in relation to overweight and obesity. I participate in conferences and other activities with this focus.

I’ve been having weight problems since my childhood. During my pharmacy studies in Bratislava, I ate at a boarding school and lost 15 kg. Later I gained 40 kg and it started my health problems.

When I saw overweight patients, obesity worsened their health, increased the use of medicines for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and the way they suffered, I realized my obesity, wanted to lose weight and deal with my unhealthy lifestyle and recovery .

I founded the Health and Counseling Center, where body composition and nutritional counseling are performed, and we have an internet and FB page about our activities. I gradually reduced weight by 17 kg, but the problem is to maintain.

I have created a website www.mojstob.sk where we inform about our activities, knowledge and experience in the treatment of obesity. I write articles about this issue on websites, in the media and in lectures.

I am currently setting up an organization for people with obesity and overweight that is missing in our country.

I am a member of a health care organization, and since we are pharmacists as a helping profession, my goal is to help our patients and people who are overweight and obese to improve their health. At the same time, I want to raise the ‘awareness’ of Slovak citizens about prevention, health education and enlightenment in the treatment of obesity through social media and health advisory centers.

I want to help create an infrastructure of comprehensive care for obese patients, which is missing in Slovakia and to promote the construction of an infrastructure that will support a healthy lifestyle.
I know that these are not easy tasks, but I am convinced that with your help and the experience of colleagues, I will manage them and I will help people and patients.

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