Bjargey Ingolfsdottir

Bjargey Ingolfsdottir

My name is Bjargey Ingólfsdóttir and I am a member of the EASO ECPO patient council.

A few years ago my health was not good. I was 265 pounds and I had chronic pain in my whole body. I was unhappy with my condition, sad and depressed. It was difficult to be overweight.

I was always dieting because I wanted to lose weight so much. I ran miles on the treadmill in the gym and I counted every calorie I ate. I starved myself, I tried everything to lose weight. But I didn’t lose any weight until I started to care about my health, body and mind.

I learned to love myself and started taking good care of me. Now I have lost 70 pounds and feel both happy and healthy.

I work as a patient living with obesity in a Health Clinic in Iceland called Heilsuborg. I support and educate people that are living with obesity. I have published a book called Hamingjubók in Icelandic meaning the book of happiness. The book is a diary so people can write in it how they feel, what they are grateful for each day and what they are doing for their health during the day regarding nutrition, exercise and recovery.

I also work as a motivational speaker, I teach empowering seminars for women and I travel with groups for health retreats in Iceland and abroad.

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