Andrew Healing (ECPO Director of Communications)

Andrew Healing (ECPO Director of Communications)

Having struggled with weight issues my adult life at over 232.4 kgs (512 lbs) and failed dieting, I decided to embark in weight loss surgery. I was lucky enough to be able to qualify for surgery through the National Health Service in the UK and in 2014 I was fitted with a Gastric Band. Having initially found my journey fairly easy, in the first 18 months I was successful in losing 90kgs. Unfortunately, I am currently experiencing a regain of approx. 45kgs and I am in the process of researching new methods to allow me to work with the tools that I have available to progress with my journey.

I currently live with my partner of two years Connor who I met while attending classes in my local gym.

As working as part of the ECPO, I am looking to share my experience of weight loss, I hope that by sharing my knowledge, I can help others in their journey. I’m also looking to gain the experience of others to broaden my existing knowledge in the area.

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