Alina Constantin

Alina Constantin

I have lived with obesity for more than two decades, and been through a series of “trials and errors” in my obsession to lose weight.

Therefore, once I realized that obesity is a chronic relapsing disease and not a moral problem, my mindset shifted completely, empowering me to become who I am today.

I am a patient advocate engaged in patient-to-patient peer support. President of a local patient organization near Bordeaux since 2017, I work daily to insure field actions, such as doing workshops with PWO in hospitals and clinics, organizing and participating in prevention actions, and not the least, managing our physical activities for about a hundred people, just like in a sports’ club.

I am also a member of the patients’ council at the Ligue contre l’obésité (League Against Obesity), since 2020.This allowed me to contribute actively on the advocacy side, taking stands wherever needed, supporting our team at the Ligue.

As an International Patient Advocate, my mission is to develop international relations for the Ligue contre l’obésité at the European and World level. Taking part in the united effort for the cause of obesity is one of the most rewarding fields of action for me.

In addition, I represent French patient non-profit organizations and promoting patient centered healthcare within the Haute Autorité de Santé (High Authority for Health) for the adult obesity guidelines (in the making). Some other projects I’ve been called for are in social sciences research, mainly engaged in understanding weight bias and it’s consequences for PWO in psychological, social and healthcare settings.

I also identify as a spokesperson in the media and events for people living with obesity, advocating for more education and against medical and social weight bias.

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