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by | Jul 2, 2021 | News


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And I think as a woman, it’s very easy for us to talk about this because we speak in hordes about, you know, why am I not losing any more weight? But as a young male, I think that’s probably a little bit more difficult when you kind of reach that point. And did you regain and did you, were you able to have those conversations? So, the brick wall being hit, I would have been happy to kind of stay there because I felt good in my own body at that point. I like to look at the photographs of me from that time.

When it started to go the opposite direction is where the concerning factors came in. So because I was so happy with where I was, the people around me, especially the support that I got from my own GP was there. Now that Regain has happened, it’s as if it’s not only a failure to me, it’s a failure to these other people who were there and supported me at the same time.

So much so that it puts a barrier in place for me wanting to go back to see these people. So for me to go back to make an appointment with my GP, if that should be necessary, I feel is going to be really challenging because the last time I was at an appointment, I was a lot thinner.

Andrew Healing ECPO representative speaking honestly with Vicki Mooney in his interview for the patient lounge this coming Tuesday 6th of July at 6.00pm BST/ 7.00pm CET.

“Regain has happened. It’s as if its not only a failure to me, it’s a failure to these other people who have supported me, it puts a barrier up to go back and make an appointment again”

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