Patient Lounge – February 2022

by | Feb 6, 2022 | News

ECPO Patient Lounge – Tuesday 8th of February 2022 at 18.00 GMT/ 19.00 CET.


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So, also for the type of operations, a lot of things have changed. Keep in mind the first wound bypass has been done in 1967. So this is already half a century ago and you can imagine how much has changed from that time on.

At that time, surgeons used single incision, but this does not mean such a tiny incision, but a very, very long incision. They opened all the abdominal cavity and nowadays all these procedures are done in a minimally invasive way. Which types of operations do we have?

In this episode we will speak with IFSO president elect Professor and surgeon Gerhard Prager on Bariatric Surgery from Austria.

Dr. Michael Crotty from ‘My Best Weight’ will join us with our advocate from Netherlands ‘Natasja Wijling’ to further explore the importance of the Multidisciplinary team and patient experience.

We are also delighted to have Deirdre Kindlon Murphy join us from Ireland as we delve into social media support groups and what patients want to know. And it wouldn’t be a patient lounge without some of our outstanding national leaders join us to talk about online support! We’ll be welcoming ICPO Executive Director ‘Susie Birney’ and Obesity UK Director ‘Ken Clare’ to take the discussion further.

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