Patient Council Spotlight: Focus on Fryd Thrue of Denmark

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Advocate Spotlights

My name is Fryd Thrue and I live in Hillerød in Denmark – a city 30 minutes’ drive north of the Danish capital Copenhagen. I live together with my partner and our three kids – a girl (12) and two boys (9 & 3). I work in a company that develops, manufactures and sells life saving and diagnostic equipment.

I have a background within finance, accounting and tax. My position today is to head a team with the responsibility of Business Intelligence, master data and business analysis. My work has always played a big role in my life, and I have spent many hours working.

A woman standing in front of a door wearing black tights and a black sweater.

My country

I live in Denmark. The country with the happiest people in the world. The country where the author H.C. Andersen was born, and where the statue of the little mermaid inspired by H.C. Andersen’s tale is placed.

In Denmark we have LEGO, most kids in the world know the toys. We have Tivoli and Bakken – the world’s two oldest amusement parks.

Danish design is well known in the world.

My favorite things

As I a mom with three kids, I prioritize to spend as much time as possible with my family. As a part of my life trying to stay fit and slim, I do a lot of exercise. I do fitness and I love to run. I also love to spend time with my friends. If I have time, I enjoy movies, the theatre and reading books.

My days are fully booked with work, exercise, family and friends – so I find myself looking for the small moments just having some time on my own!

My life with obesity

I remember my parents always told me, that I loved food from the day, I was born. As a child I was not overweight, but “big boned” and not as tiny as all the other girls. Being a teenager where beauty and size were everything, I was constantly dieting. Once I tried taking dieting pills and stopped eating – I was slim, but not happy. So as far as I remember back in time, food and dieting have been huge factors in my life.

I think, I have tried all weight loss programs available – Weight watchers, Weight consultants, Dukan, Nupo, dieting pills – you name it! Nothing really worked on the long run. I got back to my old habits with too much food.

When I as 27 years old got pregnant with my first child, I gained 25 kilos. Just after a few weeks after giving birth, I was back on the same weight as before the pregnancy. The second time it was a gain of 25 kilos again and it took a bit longer and a lot of running to come back. When I was 36, I got pregnant with my third child and again I gained 25 kilos. I lost nothing after the pregnancy. I changed position in the company where I was working, and it was quite a stress full period for me with a little baby and a new position. I started gaining weight on top of my pregnancy weight.

I did not have the motivation or energy to start up losing the weight for some years. I reached a time, where I started to avoid social events and my self-esteem was really low. I decided to myself that I could not continue to live like this and be unhappy.

I chose to start up a one year transformation program with a trainer and dietician with focus on exercise and the right food. When I signed up for the program, there was a long waiting list and I had to wait for several months for the start up, and I think that was actually a good thing for me, as I was top motivated to start up, when I finally started the program. I was focused and had promised myself to go all in. I lost almost 40% of my body weight and went from a BMI of 37 to less than 24 – It was a great feeling not to be obese or overweight anymore.

I am struggling every day to keep my weight. I exercise almost every day (5-6 times a week), both because I like it and the feeling I get from the exercise, and because I am anxious to gain weight again.

Now I have to find the balance to keep my weight but also to get a natural relationship with both food and my exercise – and I am not there yet.

EASO Patient Council

I hope to see that EASO Patient Council will be able to do a difference in terms of giving the right focus to the health care and the food industry, pointing out the responsibility of obesity – not only to the individuals, but also a responsibility in society, health care sector and food industry.

When we see the numbers of the level of obesity in Denmark, it is increasing – the growth is mainly in the younger population. We have a lot of focus on exercise and health in general in the public, but why do the numbers not move to the better. Why are our kids met with unhealthy food all over – in school, in sports clubs, in super markets etc.

My role

I am trying to be open and tell my story to everyone, who wants to listen. I can see both colleges and friends being inspired by my weight loss story. I can see myself trying to inspire others on their way to lose weight and to show them that it is possible – also without surgery.

I am a member of the Danish Adipositas organisation. This is a volunteer non-profit organisation that works for the right to a good life and good conditions for the obese population in Denmark. The organization also offers a range of activities to the members and health care professionals.

I am new into this field, so I need to find my role and where my story and energy makes the most value to the organisation and to society!