Obesity Voices

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Education

For an individual suffering from obesity, there are a number of struggles that we face every day.

The hardest Part of living with obesity;

  • The feeling that I am being judged whatever I chose to eat
  • The nagging sense that I am an embarrassment to my kids
  • Stairs, and people to stare
  • The look of dread on every passenger next to an empty seat

This emotional video describes the struggles that a person living with obesity faces every day.


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What’s the hardest part of living with obesity? The feeling that I’m being judged, whatever I choose to eat. That nagging sense that I’m an embarrassment to my kids. Stares, and people who stare.

The look of dread on every passenger next to an empty seat. That first glance that tells me I’ve failed the interview, before it’s even started. Knowing that I just don’t fit in, to the seats, or life in general.

Wondering if I’ll ever feel comfortable on a beach. The fear that I won’t be around to meet any grandchildren. Actually, the hardest part of living with obesity is people thinking that I brought it on myself.

I wish everyone understood. It is so much more than eat less and move more. Obesity is a complex disease.

Not a life choice. Let’s help change attitudes. Let’s lose the weight of stigma.