Obesity in Portugal

Obesity in Portugal

Portugal has recognized obesity as a chronic disease treated within its National Health System since 2004.

In 2004, a National Obesity Day was also instituted, which is always celebrated on the penultimate Saturday of May.

In 2006, the rules for Prevention and Treatment of obesity in the country were published, which govern the referral of patients for medical or surgical treatment and accredit some hospitals as specialised centers for the treatment of obesity.

In Portugal, surgical treatment for obesity is free and our main problem is the waiting list that can reach 2 years.

In Portugal there are 3 Patient Associations;


Adexo that works in all areas related to obesity in national terms




APCOI that works in the area of ​​childhood obesity



Apobari that works with people who have had or are about to have surgery for the treatment of obesity.



All the work carried out by the services of the Ministries of Health, Education and by these associations has been bearing some interesting fruits, such as the fact that the numbers of childhood obesity have stabilized and decreased in the last year.
We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds and we continue with all our work.

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