National Obesity Day Portugal

by | May 19, 2022 | European News, News, Portugal

On 21 May 2022, our colleagues in Portugal will hold the National Obesity Day.


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Portugal since 2004 recognized the obesity as a chronic disease, and created a National day for obesity, for the fight against obesity. So, each year ADEX organizes the official ceremony from this day with the minister or the representative of the minister. We have the national day in the town hall of Odevelas, a city near Lisbon. We start three campaigns in this day. We start to recalibrate the scale with five directions that we want to the obesity goes in our country. Another campaign is our campaign Stop Bullying that we have a book and the campaign is ”One Thousand Books, One Thousand Schools”. We give one book to one school, to each school. And the other campaign is ”Change the Rhythm of Your Life” and we have a Portuguese singer who made a song for this campaign. And we have for all countries, a lot of images outdoors, movies, wherever. And a site with a lot of informations. The base of this campaign is the music and the doctor must be here.

Portugal has recognised obesity as a chronic disease since 2004, and each year since have held their national obesity day.

Carlos Oliveira Adexo president says “This year our objective is to create a great national mobilization around family doctors and the government so that they prioritize the surgical treatment and reimburse the pharmacological treatment.

In addition, we have a national screening taking place in 90 pharmacies across the country with advice for people to ask their doctors for help.”

You can read the full press release of the event here:


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