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Living with Obesity Campaign Day – Voices of Youth in Obesity

To date, there has been relatively limited research, discussion and policy focus on adolescent obesity, yet one in seven 15 years olds in Europe has overweight, or has obesity.

Young adults with obesity are continuously stigmatised, and ‘blamed’ for their weight. A prime example of the weight bias and stigma is prevalent in the images used by the media.

Currently teenagers with obesity are not receiving the support, guidance, treatment and care that has been indicated in ACTION Teens study 2022, Lund University study 2021, International project called ‘Confronting obesity: Co-creating policy with youth’ (COCREATE) 2021.

This Campaign will a focus on the real lived experiences of teenagers across Europe who are living with, or affected by overweight or obesity. Which is why we are excited as we get closer to this coming Friday October 21 2022 for our “Living with Obesity Campaign Day -Voices of Youth in Obesity”

We have been engaging with young adults from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Ireland who have come together to discuss how THEY feel, and their experiences with obesity.

The first of a series of podcasts will be shared this Friday and along with that we will host our Patient Lounge at 2-3pm BST/15:00-16:00pm CEST.

Hosted as always by Vicki Mooney, she will be joined by:

  • Award winning photographer Abbie Trayler-Smith for her Big O project,
  • EASOs Professor Jason Halford,
  • Our youngest council representative from Bulgaria, Konstantin Voynikov, our podcast host!
  • A parent of one of our young volunteers,
  • Other ECPO representatives involved in the campaign.

To join you simply click on this link and add in your email address to join the live session.

Please feel free to circulate this to your networks and colleagues so we can begin to support young adults affected by, or living with overweight or obesity.