LivingWithObesity – Webinar

LivingWithObesity – Webinar

We are happy to bring you the content of the #LivingWithObesity webinar which took place on 21 October 2020. Here you can watch the contact from all of the individuals who took place on the day.



The Weight of Stigma. Director of Research & Policy, Obesity Canada and Research & Policy consultant for EASO.
Dr. Ximena Ramos-Salas



Prevalence of Obesity in Childhood from President of APCOI in Portugal.
Mario Silvia.



How to communicate effectively with children & adolescents, Icelandic Society for Obesity Research and Prevention (FFO) President.
Dr Tryggvi Helgason.



Obesity Stigma in Media from Irish TV and media personality.
Elaine Crowley, Elaine Show Virgin Media.




Opening an empathetic conversation with patients, GP specialising in Weight Management & Bariatric Medicine.
Dr. Michael Crotty




ACTION IO and why obesity stigma needs to change from EASO President Elect.
Prof. Jason Halford



Why awareness alone is not enough from Chair of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, King College London.
Prof. Francesco Rubino



Empowering patients to advocate and build a national patient advocacy team.
ECPO Vice President, Audrey Roberts & Dir. of Communications Andrew Healing

Moving beyond awareness, advocacy and creating change from EASO policy lead.
Jacqueline Bowman 

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