HINTT Award 2021

HINTT Award 2021

University Hospital Center of S. João in Porto, Portugal receive HINTT Award.

The Integrated Responsibility Center for Obesity of the University Hospital Center of S. João in Porto, Portugal, which includes endocrinologists, surgeons, nutritionists, psychiatrists and psychologists and anesthetists has received 2021 HINTT award.

High Differentiation Center for the Surgical Treatment of Obesity, wins the award with a tool operational data management in real time, in which all the decisive events in the treatment of patients are presented, performing an automatic analysis of all the existing time constraints.

The HINTT Award | Digital Maturity aims to recognize and disseminate the best practices in the adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT) with a view to approaching a paperless environment leading to relevant gains for patient safety, support for clinical decision-making and global efficiency.

Well done to all involved in working towards this award.


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