ECPO Patient Lounge – Weight Regain

by | Jun 27, 2021 | News

ECPO Patient Lounge – 6 July 2021 – Weight Regain


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What we see in clinical practice is if somebody engages in a treatment that works, what we will then find is that the disease comes under control. If the disease is under control, what you naturally see is people lose weight. But the minute the patient disengages from the treatment, so they stop the diet or stop the medication or even the operations get reversed, what you then find is that the disease comes back.

So I think the way we need to think about weight regain is almost in the same way as we have to think about relapse of the disease. And if we almost rephrase it to relapsing disease, then what we need to do will become quite clear because all we have to do is gain control of the disease again.

In this edition of ECPO Patient Lounge, Vicki Mooney will be joined be Prof. Carel Le Roux in discussing Weight Regain. Dr Arya Sharma, Dr Sally Walker and our patients will be coming together for the live panel. Come and join us on Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 6pmBST / 19.00CEST on