ECPO Patient Lounge – 19 January 21

ECPO Patient Lounge – 19 January 21

Obesity & managing our mental health as Covid-19 fatigue merges with the winter blues.

Returning to work after the winter break can be challenging for many as we enter January 2021. Upon reflection, we have had a year of isolation, worry, fear, and financial difficulties for many.
A breakdown of treatment for our community of people living with obesity, with many of us stepping into a bleak 2021 with anxieties and emotional turbulence.
The ‘January Blues’, new and tighter lockdowns across many countries, cocooning once again, and a new strain of the Covid-19 virus would appear as the perfect cocktail for rising mental health issues and we want to openly discuss this.

Which is why this episode of our Patient Lounge, we will be looking into how these challenges manifest in people living with Obesity, and various comorbidities.
Vicki will delve into an interview with Patient Advocate Paul Stevenson and others to discuss how he has faced the demons many of us have, and chat about his experience.

Nigel Olisa, Executive Director from GAMIAN Europe and Tineke Mollema, Board member and patient from GAMIAN will also join Vicki for a chat about all things Mental Health in Europe at present.
Joining our patient panel for reflections, questions and discussions are

Ken Clare, ECPO Chairman, Obesity UK Director and ASO Trustee.

Solveig Sigurdardottir, ECPO President and author

Ann Vincent MBPsS, patient advocate and post graduate in Psychology.

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