ECPO Living With Obesity – Campaign 2021

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

This #LivingWithObesity day, ECPO launch the National & unified European Image Bank of people living with obesity, with a call to action on People-First Imagery to the media.

Stigmatising images for people with obesity exist across Europe and are used widely by media outlets. This fuels the societal believe that people with obesity have a lifestyle disease and are lazy, sloppy, have no will power etc.

Let’s change people’s attitudes and advocate together for acceptance, education and disease recognition.

The purpose of this #LivingWithObesity day

  • Raise awareness of the damage that can be caused by stigmatizing images in the media, weight discrimination in society and healthcare settings.
  • Share the perspective of the patient on what it is like to live with Obesity, and why we need non stigmatizing images for PwO.
  • Educate society on Obesity as a chronic relapsing disease via patient stories behind featured images.
  • Advocate for People First language & Imagery for those people living with Obesity.
  • Maximise the call to action and step-up advocacy on a national, European and united global level.
  • Convey how the impact of working as a clinical and patient community can create change by creating positive images in the healthcare setting.

We invite you to join us throughout the day for:

  • Live ECPO Patient Lounge on the day.
  • Launch of the People First Images via social media in various European languages.
  • Sharing of educational infographics on the damage weight stigma can cause and why we need non stigmatising images in various European languages.
  • Call to action for People-First Imagery with Media and Press outlets.