ECPO Appoints Director of Education and Learning

by | Aug 23, 2023 | European News, News

On the 7th of July we were excited to announce the applications were open for our Director of Education and Learning position within ECPO.

Ecpo new director of education and learning hanen samouda.

On Monday 21st of August, our Council members joined online and voted unanimously with 100% support for the appointment of Ms. Hanen Samouda for this role.

Following meetings between Hanen and our ECPO Directors it was clear that Hanen has the time, passion and eagerness to undertake this volunteer position.

Hanen is delighted to share some words regarding her commitment to this new role within ECPO.

“I would be delighted to create and coordinate new educational programmes to further raise awareness on obesity and advocacy amongst the members of the ECPO as well as provide education activities and support in the community in general, and amongst targeted groups such as the healthcare professionals, education system, workplace, media and legislators. 

These educational programmes should facilitate the knowledge exchange, the involvement in advocacy and research activities for the ECPO members and thus enable the knowledge transfer in the whole community. 

I would be delighted to collaborate with the ECPO Executive Council in my activities and implement the directives of the ECPO Board of Directors for the Education & Learning program, with respect to evidence-based approaches for obesity prevention, treatment, and policy.’

Our Chair of the Board of Directors, Ken Clare has commented:

“I am delighted that we will grow our Executive team with the appointment of Hanen for Director of Education and Learning. With her lived experience, and a research background she will provide a fantastic addition to our team. She has already shared some exciting inputs for our training and development plans”.

Congratulations Hanen and Welcome to the ECPO Executive Committee!