Christina Fleetwood Award

by | May 18, 2023 | European News, News

This year we have launched the “Christina Fleetwood Award for Excellence in Education and Stigma Awareness”.

Christina is an unwavering pioneer in the ongoing education of the scientific and medical communities in the weight bias, stigma and discrimination field.

Christina was a founding member and Chairwoman of the EASO Patient Council, prior to becoming a board member of ECPO before stepping down earlier this year to enjoy her retirement.

During ECO in Dublin, we will be issuing 4 awards to outstanding presenters, who have shown the best use of Patient First Language and imagery during their presentation.

Voting by the patient representatives in attendance for the first award has been completed, and we are delighted to say that Dr Michael Crotty of Ireland, stood out and had been presented with this prestigious honour.

On issuing the award Michael said “I am absolutely honoured; this is truly fantastic, and I am overwhelmed. It really means a lot to me, as working together on obesity is so important”.

On presenting the award, ECPO Executive Director Vicki Mooney said how delighted we are to present this award to Dr Michael Crotty, and thank him for his passionate work and his educational work to other Healthcare professionals.

Well done from everyone in ECPO.