Magdalena Gajda

Languages Spoken: Polish

Country: Poland

A woman in a white shirt speaking on a microphone.

Founder & President of the OD-WAGA Foundation for People with Obesity Disease

Ombudsman for People with Obesity Disease in Poland

Member of the European Coalition for People Living with Obesity (ECPO)

Press and Internet journalist, PR, CSR and storytelling specialist. Currently: an editor in the largest Polish health portal – Author of over 3 thousand journalistic texts and 2 book publications. An international expert of weightism. The first Pole with the “LIVE ON. GIVE ON. Bakken Invitation Award” awarded to people who, thanks to modern medical technologies, regained their health, and their second life devoted to social work for the benefit of others. Since childhood – she has obesity disease. After bariatric surgery in 2010. Interests: reading books, travel and theater.