Lenka Vymlatilova

Languages Spoken: Czech

Country: Czechia

A woman in a black blazer is smiling in front of a curtain.

My name is Lenka. I live in the Czech Republic, near to the second largest city – Brno.

I have two young daughters, 8 and 10 years old and a very kind husband. I spend my leisure time especially with my family and friends. We love nature and movement so we go cycling, walking, swimming etc.

I also love my job. I have been working for STOB society (Stop to Obesity) since 2009 and we help many people with healthy weight reduction not only by changing nutrition and movement habits but we also teach them how to change their thinking patterns.

The psychological aspect of weight reduction is specific for STOB. My personal weight difficulties caused me to work. I was always overweight child and later teenager. I struggled with my high weight and I was on diet from my 15 to 25 years of age.

The result was that I had more and more kilos and I the worst thing was that I started to suffer with overeating and bulimia. For 10 years I alternated time between different crazy diets and time when I suffered from huge overeating. Because of my problems with weight I chose to study the Chemistry of food at University to understand better my personal problems and help myself.

Unfortunately, I was not successful.

When I was about 25 years old I heard about STOB society, which has created a weight loss program based on psychological direction – cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. I started to change my eating habits and to think about my body and health in different way.

STOB society changed my personal life and also my work life because I decided to spread their thoughts about healthy weight reduction. In 2009 I graduated their training program for lecturers in cognitive behavioral approach to overweight and obesity therapy and I started to work as a lecturer.

To date I have helped over 500 clients to reduce more than 1500kilos. I have joined the Patient Council in 2018. There is still a lot to learn but I hope we will build strong and meaningful organisation that help people throughout Europe.