Katja Schläppi

Languages Spoken: English, French, German

Country: Switzerland

A woman smiling for the camera.

Having gained weight after stopping playing sports and having had a lot of professional stress, I found myself considerably overweight. It is clear that I had tried to lose weight multiple times through various diets that resulted in the yo-yo effect. My weight loss is based on the concept of losing weight without diet and working on the emotional aspect as well as connecting myself to my body sense (eating sensations). My starting weight was 132.5 kilograms and I now weigh 106 kilograms. So in a year and a half, I lost 26 kilos. I am still in the process of losing weight and getting back in shape.

I was not heard and respected in my problems. Which caused an exponential reaction on my psychic state. Although I think that the various attitudes and advice were well intentioned and that these people are not aware of their actions.

To share experience with people affected by overweight and obesity, to help them and to fill the gaps in our Swiss system for the management of obesity, I have created a patient support association called Perceptio Cibus (www.perceptiocibus.org). Our predominance is to work on the aspect of managing one’s emotions as well as relearning to connect with one’s body sense to reach one’s equilibrium weight