Judit Pettkó

ECPO Treasurer

Languages Spoken: Hungarian

Country: Hungary

A woman with brown hair.

My name is Judit Pettkó and I am from Budapest, Hungary.

I have lived in Budapest since I was born.  After receiving a master’s degree in chemical engineering, I started working in pharmaceutical industry as Regulatory Affairs Specialist. One of my favourite hobbies is reading. My other love is swimming.

I have been living with obesity since very early childhood. I’ve tried several times to reduce my weight, and have twice succeeded to lose significant amounts of weight. It has been a ride with many ups and downs, and now I am taking small steps towards my goal of a healthier life.

I am the president of the Hungarian patient organization, called Association for People living with Obesity. In this association we are working hard to make it successful and to reach the full of its potential. Our goal is to create a strong Hungarian patient organisation.

I have been with the Patient Council of EASO since 2014, the very first steps in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have aided the work of Patient Council through various administrative tasks for a number of years in the leadership team.

In 2019 I was elected for Treasurer of the European Coalition for People living with Obesity.