Iris Zani

Languages Spoken: Italian

Country: Italy

A woman with long black hair smiling in front of a wall.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

I am a person who has always lived with obesity and faced various treatment paths to defeat it, even with bariatric surgery which helped me a lot despite the many problems. These difficulties made me decide to help many other people who needed help. I work through the use of social media and with the live management of mutual help groups with patients and professionals. This activity of mine helps me to live my pathology better

Tell us a bit about yourself:

  ​  202 / 5.000  Risultati della traduzione  Risultato di traduzione  I am a woman and a mother, I work in a large company and I dedicate my free time to the association founded in 2005 with other bariatric patients. I have a family that has to be careful about this pathology.

Where do you live:

I live in Milan, Italy

What are some of your interests:     

Living in a big city gives me many opportunities for recreation, I don’t like doing a lot of sports but in my free time I dedicate myself to swimming, I spent my childhood in a small mountain town where I return in my free time

What is your personal experience with obesity:

have lived with overweight since adolescence but I had to start treating significant obesity after 2 pregnancies. I have followed various dietary regimes but I achieved the greatest results with 2 different bariatric surgeries. To date I am not yet of normal weight but I can live without major worries about my health.