Helena Havelková

Country: Czechia

A woman wearing glasses and a pink shirt.

My name is Helena Havelková and I come from a small town in the north of the Czech Republic. But I am living most of my life in Prague. I have 2 adult daughters and 5 grandchildren. I like to travel and meet new places and new people. I like to sing in choir. The whole of my live I am working as scientist in the field of Immunogenetics.

I’ve never been slim, but I haven’t had obesity either.  But after my first pregnancy, I started to fight with overweight.  I tried different diets and always lost a little weight.  But always the weight returned to its original value and often higher.  But the biggest jump was after I stopped smoking at about the age of thirty-five. At first it was ten kilos and after my fifty I suddenly had fifty kilos more than at the beginning of my adult age. I’ve already started to have health problems.  My knees hurt, I had high blood pressure, higher blood sugar and other problems.  With the help of a diet consultant I was able to reduce my weight by twenty kilos and my health improved rapidly.  But during the covid pandemic, I relaxed a lot in the diet menu and I have a hard time getting back.

I have gained a lot of experience in the fight against obesity during my life and I am still happy to get new information in this field. In recent years I have participated in several Stob Society stays with the aim of losing weight.

I am very happy to join the European Coalition for People living with Obesity. I believe that new information that I can get can help with other people suffering. who have problem with obesity.