Euan Woodward

ECPO Board of Directors

Country: United Kingdom

A smiling man wearing glasses and a blue jacket.

I have worked with EASO since 2005 and have been the Executive Director since 2007.  I am responsible for the development and implementation of EASO’s strategic action plans and coordinates the activities of the Association’s General Council, Executive Committee, Task Forces and Working Groups.  I manage EASO’s annual congress (the European Congress on Obesity), its network of Collaborating Centres for Obesity Management (COMs) and its research projects.  I am the Dissemination WP leader in three current EU Projects: NoHoW, PROTEIN and SWEET (all H2020), and participated in DORIAN, SPOTLIGHT and MooDFOOD (FP7). I hold a BA (hons) in European Business and a Masters in Business Tourism.

Recent Publications:

1) Gema Frühbeck,  Luca Busetto, Dror Dicker, Volkan Yumuk, Gijs H. Goossens, Johannes Hebebrand, Jason G.C. Halford, Nathalie J. Farpour-Lambert. Ellen E. Blaak, Euan Woodward, Hermann Toplak.  The ABCD of Obesity: An EASO Position Statement on a Diagnostic Term with Clinical and Scientific Implications. Obes Facts 2019;12:131–136.

2) Johannes Hebebrand, Jens-Christian Holm, Euan Woodward, Jennifer Lyn Baker, Ellen Blaak, Dominique Durrer Schutz, Nathalie J. Farpour-Lambert, Gema Frühbeck, Jason G.C. Halford, Lauren Lissner, Dragan Micic, Dana Mullerova, Gabriela Roman, Karin Schindler, Hermann Toplak, Tommy L.S. Visscher, Volkan Yumuk.  A Proposal of the European Association for the Study of Obesity to Improve the ICD-11 Diagnostic Criteria for Obesity Based on the Three Dimensions Etiology, Degree of Adiposity and Health Risk.  Obes Facts 2017;10:284–307.

3) John E. Blundell, Jennifer Lyn Baker, Emma Boyland, Ellen Blaak, Jadwiga Charzewska, Stefaan de Henauw, Gema Frühbeck, Marcela Gonzalez-Gross, Johannes Hebebrand, Lotte Holm, Vilma Kriaucioniene, Lauren Lissner, Jean-Michel Oppert, Karin Schindler, Analiza Mónica Silva, Euan Woodward.  Variations in the Prevalence of Obesity Among European Countries, and a Consideration of possible Causes. Obes Facts 2017;10:25–37.

4) Gema Frühbeck, Hermann Toplak, Euan Woodward, Volkan Yumuk, Max Maislos, Jean-Michel Oppert for the Executive Committee of the European Association for the Study of Obesity. Obesity: The Gateway to Ill Health – an EASO Position Statement on a Rising Public Health, Clinical and Scientific Challenge in Europe. Obes Facts 2013;6:117–120.

5) Toplak H, Woodward E, Yumuk V, Oppert JM, Halford JC, Frühbeck G.  2014 EASO Position Statement on the Use of Anti-Obesity Drugs.  Obes Facts. 2015;8(3):166-74. doi: 10.1159/000430801. Epub 2015 May 1.

7) Frühbeck G,· Toplak H,· Woodward E,· Halford J.C.G, Yumuk V.  Need for a Paradigm Shift in Adult Overweight and Obesity Management – an EASO Position Statement on a Pressing public Health, Clinical and Scientific Challenge in Europe. Obes Facts 2014;7:408–416