60 Second Interview – Vicki Mooney (Executive Director of the ECPO)

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Blog

The ECPO management team have been working extremely hard since the launch of ECPO. However, to help you get to know the team a little better, they have been asked to answer the following questions that will make up the ECPO 60 Second Interview.

This week is the turn of Vicki Mooney the Executive Director of the ECPO. Here is what Vicki had to say when we put out interview questions to her:

  • What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Ambitious, Creative and Empathetic.

  • Tell us something only a few people will know about you?

A year after my father suddenly passed away, I appeared on the Oprah show via Skype, to try help others with similar grief and guilt feelings.

When Oprah said my name, I actually froze onscreen, prompting her to say ‘is she frozen on skype’??

Whilst all I could think was…Oprah said MY name!

  • What did you want to be when you were a child?

Anything that would take me to the USA! I had a love of all things American, from the Boston Red Sox to New Kids on the Block. Which was a far cry from my first job as a Glass Blower in a factory in west Dublin at age 17.

  • Who would be your top 5 guests to invite for a dinner party?

My Dad as I never had the chance to have that last conversation.
Oprah for her wisdom & insights
Sanna Marin, Finlands Prime Minster
Lewis Capaldi, as he’s hilarious and so humble.
Princess Diana…well for many reasons.

  • What is your worst habit?

Overthinking, followed by self criticising.

  • What has been your best achievement to date?

Coming back wiser and stronger from every set back, or curve ball life has thrown me. I’m a big believer in taking experience, and turning it into intangible wisdom. There’s no one achievement for me, just a collective ‘It happened, I learned, I’m growing’ over the last few decades.

  • What is the one essential item you would take if you were stranded on a desert island?

To be fair, I had considered a box of matches, incase it’s cold and we have no way of cooking food – (*please note, there were no parameters given, so I started in survival mode!) I then thought of an endless supply of water…

I moved to considerations of a giant bag of rice (again, survival!) Huge block of cheddar cheese, preferably vintage!

Further considerations where on a toothbrush, collection of books, telescope… But then I settled on a picture of all of my loved ones, to keep me smiling.

  • In a year’s time where would you like to be?

In a healthier place in myself, with less travel and more routine.

That goes without saying, still living in the sunshine in Lanzarote with my fiance Matt, My 3 children – Andy, Josh & Mia, and our gorgeous dog Rico.