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We are now well underway with our Patient Lounge sessions which have been developed my the ECPO Communications team.

All of our previous sessions have been recorded and they are now available to view via Patient Lounge On-Demand.

On this special Live Lounge, we looked deeper into ‘Patient Advocacy’ ahead of World Obesity Day which took place on Thursday 4 March.

Vicki Mooney our Executive Director was excited about delving into a conversation with our colleagues in Germany from the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe Adipositas (BAG). Three powerful organisations joined forces to strengthen their advocacy outcomes.

Our live patient panel featured Maura Murphy representing ICPO in Ireland, Mario Silva representing APCOI in Portugal and Audrey Roberts, VP of ECPO and our Scottish representative.

Rising obesity rates around the world have had a profound impact on female reproductive health. Childhood obesity is associated with early onset of puberty, menstrual irregularities during adolescence and polycystic ovary syndrome. Women of reproductive age with obesity have a higher risk of ovulatory problems, fertility treatment and later in life Menopause.

Hormones affect just about everything that goes on in a woman’s body, from reproductive function and sexual libido to weight gain and overall mood. This means mood swings.  Irritability.  Bodily changes.  New behaviours, and new sexual issues.

Which is why this episode of our Patient Lounge, we looked into how these challenges manifest in people living with Obesity, various women’s health and gynaecological issues.

In this session we had an interview with Patient Advocate on Obesity & PCOS Maureen Busby and others to discuss her  experience.

Our Expert interview was brought to you by tag team power couple Dr. Michael Crotty & Dr. Caoimhe Hartley who discussed the over arching stigma and challenges around Obesity & Menopause that are often swept under the carpet.


In this episode of our Patient Lounge, we will be looking into how challenges around Mental Health manifest in people living with obesity, and various comorbidities. Vicki will delve into an interview with Patient Advocate Paul Stevenson and others to discuss how he has faced the demons many of us have, and chat about his experience.

Nigel Olisa, Executive Director from GAMIAN Europe and Tineke Mollema, Board member and patient from GAMIAN will also join Vicki for a chat about all things Mental Health in Europe at present.
Joining our patient panel for reflections, questions and discussions are

Ken Clare, ECPO Chairman, Obesity UK Director and ASO Trustee.

Solveig Sigurdardottir, ECPO President and author

Ann Vincent MBPsS, patient advocate and post graduate in Psychology.

On the first episode we had Teena Gates who reflected on the personal encounters she faced during the year. Vicki Mooney also chatted with Euan Woodward of EASO on policy matters, and also the inspiring Dr. Rebecca Richards Health psychologist, ASO UK Trustee. Our panel discussion saw guests join from Iceland, Denmark, Portugal, and the UK who answered your questions live as they came in.

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