#LivingWithObesity campaign magazine & speaker videos below!

A patient perspective on weight bias & Stigma whilst living with obesity, whilst stepping up the call to action on People-First Language.

#LivingWithObesity day - Live Webinar

Live webinar will be available 21st October 2020


On our campaign day we are excited to bring you our live webinar which will be host by our Executive Director Vicki Mooney at 2pmBST on Wednesday 21st October 2020.
TIMES: 14.00BST - 16.00BST/15.00CEST - 17.00CEST

We have a number of esteemed speakers from across Europe who will delve into weight bias and stigma, opening conversations with patients, patient experiences and how to create change. Not only will our speakers bring their expertise, but also their personal experience with stigma and why they are so passionate about creating change.

Below you can see our full webinar agenda and also the form to register.

Live Event Registration


Opening from ECPO Chairman.
Ken Clare.

The Weight of Stigma. Director of Research & Policy, Obesity Canada and Research & Policy consultant for EASO.
Dr. Ximena Ramos-Salas

Prevalence of Obesity in Childhood from President of APCOI in Portugal.
Mario Silvia.

How to communicate effectively with children & adolescents, Icelandic Society for Obesity Research and Prevention (FFO) President.
Dr Tryggvi Helgason.

Obesity Stigma in Media from Irish TV and media personality.
Elaine Crowley, Elaine Show Virgin Media.

Opening an empathetic conversation with patients, GP specialising in Weight Management & Bariatric Medicine.
Dr. Michael Crotty

ACTION IO and why obesity stigma needs to change from EASO President Elect.
Prof. Jason Halford

Why awareness alone is not enough from Chair of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, King College London.
Prof. Francesco Rubino

Empowering patients to advocate and build a national patient advocacy team.
ECPO Vice President, Audrey Roberts & Dir. of Communications Andrew Healing

Moving beyond awareness, advocacy and creating change from EASO policy lead.
Jacqueline Bowman 

Closing remarks from President of ECPO.
Solveig Sigurdardottir


Labelling people as obese can have a very negative impact. It can affect how likely a person is to seek treatment. People-First language has been widely adopted for most chronic diseases, but not for Obesity. We believe that it is time to make a change.

On this awareness day to advocate for ‘People First’ language, we will collaborate with 24 countries and national associations across Europe to leverage their national stigma work. We are humbled to have the support of our global colleagues on this day and the support from our funders to make this campaign happen.

The main objectives of our campaign are:

  • Raise awareness of the damage that can be caused by Obesity stigma, and weight discrimination in society and healthcare settings.
  • Share the perspective of the patient on what it is like to live with Obesity, and Obesity stigma.
  • Educate society on Obesity as a chronic relapsing disease.
  • Advocate for People First language for those people living with Obesity.
  • Maximise the call to action and step up advocacy on a national, European and united global level.
  • Reach out on a global scale for support for patient communities who work together, and support all Stigma campaigns.
  • Convey how the impact of working as a clinical and patient community can create change.


A number of key events are planned to take place throughout the day. Key highlights for the day include:

  • Live ECPO Webinar event, with European guest speakers on Obesity Stigma @2pmBST  broadcast via the ECPO website.
  • Launch of the ECPO video on ‘Living with Obesity’ in various European languages.
  • Sharing of educational infographics on Obesity in various European languages.
  • Call to action for People-First Language globally.
  • Launch of ECPO and URHealth4Life Newsletter.

Let’s change people’s attitudes and advocate together for acceptance, education and disease recognition

ECPO would like to thank our Sponsors Novo Nordisk and WW for making the #LivingWithObesity campaign & People First day possible.


#LivingWithObesity day - Live Webinar

Live webinar will be available 21st October 2020


Live Event Registration

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