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ECPO works to empower patient organisations to build passionate, measurable, and sustainable actions that will increase attention towards obesity as a chronic relapsing disease. This IPAP series draws on best practices and engagement from across Europe to explore how we can engage with policymakers and other stakeholders to shift the dial on obesity policy.

The IPAP will bring you through the process of advocacy by simplifying the key steps, from identifying and prioritising the issues, to implementing an advocacy action plan. How can we better understand our audiences and tailor our messages to engage them and inspire their support?

Each IPAP session will share an overview from experts and draws on inspiring examples. Attendees will have a chance to work in groups with other patients to test out advocacy tools for themselves, applying their own experience and skills to reflect collectively on new methods of engagement through a common case study.

Together with the ECPO Advocacy Handbook, this programme will equip advocates and their organisations working on obesity with the tools, resources, and skills to develop and implement their own advocacy strategies and better fulfil their policy objectives.

ECPO IPAP will run every 2 weeks from Tuesday 4th May 2021 from 18.30pm – 20.00pm CET for 7 sessions.

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