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The ECPO is a European organisation consisting of national advocates from across 24 countries. Our aim is to support the national associations and collaborate as one strong united voice. Here you will find more information on the support available in your country. This may range from a patient association and/or scientific association, to highlighting the work in your country in the obesity area. Please scroll down to find out more from the patient representatives for your country and engage with them via their email or social media for further information.

Obesity in Switzerland

In Switzerland 11% of adults are currently suffering from Obesity. We have different centers in University Hospitals and some COMs centers that give the possibility to enter to multidisciplinary programs. Some of them have Patient Therapeutic Education. We have also 3 Patients Associations : EUROBESITAS (which is really a Patient Association and not a scientific one), PERCEPTIO CIBUS and Saps. EUROBESITAS and PERCEPTIO CIBUS give the possibility to the patients to have Patient therapeutic education, Talking groups and to participate to a working group about obesity which is very active. Obesity has not yet been recognised as a disease.

Country Representatives

Patient Organisations

Switzerland has organisations that is available to support people who are living with obesity.

EUROBESITAS and PERCEPTIO CIBUS : Patient therapeutic education/ talking groups/ Participation to working group about obesity/workshops about stigmatization : how to anticipate stigmatization and how to treat its deleterious consequences/ physical activities in groups/Individual obesity management/art-therapy/workshops of Patient Centered Approach Focusing (Carl Rogers)/Alternative medicine, etc





Patient Organisation Social Media

Portugal’s patients organisations are available on Social Media


Scientific Organisations

Switzerland has scientific organisations that specialise in the treatment of obesity.

The Swiss Association for the Study of Obesity (ASEMO) is preparing a certificate of advanced study about obesity. It will be opened to all physicians interested and will increase the number of physicians specialized and educated in obesity

The Swiss COMs Centres and the Obesity Centres of the University Hospitals

AKJ is the Swiss assoctiation for the prevention and treatment of children and adolescents with obesity

The working group of EUROBESITAS and PERCEPTIO CIBUS include also psychologists , dieticians, specialists in physical activities and physicians who are specialized or interested in obesity

The ASP-APA is the Swiss Association for the specialist in adapted physical activity

The FSP is the Swiss Association of Psychologists

The DAR-VIDA is the Swiss Association of Dieticians


Latest Country News

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